review rating 5  My recent experiences with Montrose Dental Partners have been excellent and I give them my highest recommendation. The staff up front were friendly and organized, Bob my hygienist did a great job cleaning my teeth, and the quality of care I received from Dr. Borchardt and her assistant Darlene was top notch. Everyone took the time to understand my needs and I feel confident that they have my best interests at heart.

    thumb Danny Neilson

    review rating 5  They were well prepared to welcome patients back and it felt safe. Kristi did a great job. And now they have taken even more steps for safety by remodeling the waiting room.

    thumb Douglas Christmann

    review rating 5  This staff were awesome. I was in alot of discomfort. they were understanding and did everything to provide comfort during my visit Definitely a 5 star service

    thumb Marcie Loya

    review rating 5  Always a good experience at Montrose Dental Partners. The staff is friendly and helpful, the hygienists and dentists really care about each patient, and they make great use of the latest medical technology. They do an excellent job of communicating before, during, and after appointments.

    thumb Craig Wolverton

    review rating 5  The dentist, assistant & hygienist all set my new personal standard for what to expect at a bi-yearly teeth cleaning. All three, Dr. Borchardt, Darlene the assistant and Bob the hygienist were super friendly and took great care of me while at the office. It felt like they all really cared not just about my oral health but also me. For the first time a Dr. has taken measurements of my mouth and teeth, screened for tongue cancer and got a great personal explanation about why I need to start flossing and was shown on the x-rays of my mouth what was happening to my teeth and gums because I wasn't flossing. 100/10 would recommend.

    thumb Andrew

    review rating 5  Thank you Montrose Dental Partners. Dr. Marisa Borchardt was very thorough and made me feel comfortable throughout the exam. Darlene and Bob were outstanding assisting with the exam and cleaning. The office is very friendly and I highly recommend this dental practice.

    thumb Paula Borchardt

    review rating 5  Awesome team! Communication with them is easy and they have great appointment reminder tools. Every appointment has been on time. I have seen all three dentists at one point or another and all of them are professional, knowledgeable and helpful. Edit: forgot to mention the hygienists. They are amazing. Thorough, yet not rough!

    thumb Kyle Taylor

    review rating 5  Bonnie treated my mom like her own mom. Mom has dementia and the whole office has been so good to her. As for myself, I have gone to a top Hygeneist for years and I have switched because of that to your office.

    thumb Nancy Deans

    review rating 5  I'm a new patient at Montrose Dental Partners. My dental exam was very thorough. The staff was interested in my dental and health history. Dr. Horkan was personable and explained all aspects of the exam and results. Kristi, the hygienist, was very knowledgeable.

    thumb Laurie Williams

    review rating 5  The front desk was helpful, professional and nice. My hygienist was thorough and great! Anyone looking for a dentist should check them out, they won't regret it.

    thumb Kathy, Rick

    review rating 5  They take every precaution to make sure everyone is safe from COVID. I appreciate their diligence. The dental care I have received from all the staff has been excellent. I would say this is the best dental office I have ever been to regarding level of care, attention to details, professionalism from all the staff and lastly ease of getting seen in an emergency.

    thumb Priscilla Repton

    review rating 5  Everyone at Montrose Dental Partners was fantastic -- comprehensive, thorough, and great at explaining all aspects of the care you receive!

    thumb Amy Dickinson

    review rating 5  This place has a great staff who all care for their patients.

    thumb Legendary Encounters

    review rating 5  I chose this office because I asked if they did water jet / ultrasound cleaning , was told yes,. Well that didn't happen, the hygienist said he been there 25 years and just doesn't do them, he perfers scrapping , I don't. But I will say I may not have liked being scrapped but he did do a good job. I will return because all the staff were great from the greeting at the door to the goodbye as I left. Maybe in 6 months we can try 50/50, of my cleaning my way and yours. ?

    thumb A Google User

    review rating 5  Montrose Dental partner gave me my smile back I really appreciate you thank you very much

    thumb Steve Firkins

    review rating 5  Very pleased to have Kristi provide my dental care.

    thumb Ken Lipton

    review rating 5  They were well prepared to welcome patients back and it felt safe. Kristi did a great job.

    thumb Douglas Christmann

    review rating 5  Great experience with their impressively experienced staff. Everyone is very friendly, helpful, and exceptionally comunicative.

    thumb Neil Perry

    review rating 5  I was very nervous about a vist as a matter of fact I had canceled a apointment in may. With all the care and safe guards they put in and all the ppe they used ,I was very comfortable And Bonnie was great. Thank you Great job you get top rating Frank loomis

    thumb Frank Loomis

    review rating 5  I came in for this visit to have a crown looked at that had fallen out. They were able to book my appt. at 7am with Dr. Amundson so I wouldn’t have to take as much time off from work, since my normal Dentist doesn’t start work until 8am. He was able to temporarily place the crown that had come out until they will see me to find a permanent resolution.

    thumb Terri Simon

    review rating 5  Very professional, courteous staff and doctor. I really liked Dr. Amundson. He was personable and experienced. Also, I was impressed with all the precautions they have implemented to protect clients and themselves from Covid -19.

    thumb Karen White

    review rating 5  Dr. Horkan and her hygienist are wonderful. Competent. Integrity. Love them. I am well cared for and am grateful.

    thumb Kathy Bergman

    review rating 5  This was my first time with Kristi as my hygienist. She did a great job of explaining the process, asking me what procedures I felt comfortable with, giving me options and generally making me feel that I was in control of how she treated me and the outcomes that would result from the different options she described.

    thumb Ann-Marie Fleming

    review rating 5  Dr Pete is gentle and great! I also like the way Bob does my cleaning g

    thumb Golfer2010champ

    review rating 5  I feel like staff is listening to my questions and answering them clearly. Everyone is very pleasant and helpful.

    thumb Ann Forsberg

    review rating 5  Polite and very friendly staff. When going to the dentist I need ALL of this!

    thumb pam Fugazzi

    review rating 5  Very professional and efficient. Maximal emphasison safety. Great job!

    thumb alsdeli

    review rating 4  Excellent job by Kristi. Environment felt safe. I would have liked Dr. Horken to have done a final check. See you in 6 months.

    thumb Mark Jahnke

    review rating 5  They are always efficient and explain things in detail.

    thumb Pam Cook

    review rating 5  First time dealing with Dr. Horkan and I was super impressed with her demeanor, her obvious skill and setting me at ease, not an easy task. I've spent way too much time in a dental chair in my 70 years due to my rough and tumble life. Dr. Horkan was the best ever! I go back again next week for two crowns and am relieved that she will be taking care of me. I can't tell you how much that means to this cowardly dental patient....😊

    thumb Alan Ardizone

    review rating 5  Waited in the car, got temp checked, into the chair and procedure done. It was painless except for the procedure itself. Staff is always friendly.

    thumb Wade Ploussard

    review rating 5  You did a good job, with all the extra you need to do now! Thanks!

    thumb Sabrena Koehn

    review rating 5  They did a great job with safety measures. The staff is always friendly!

    thumb Kim Wilson

    review rating 5  Dr. Horkan is wonderful. Competent. Integrity. Love her. I am cared for well.

    thumb Kathy Bergman

    review rating 5  Excellent detailed exam by Dr Amundson and one of the best cleaning that I have ever had by Bonnie

    thumb William Smith

    review rating 5  Very friendly, thorough and as pleasant as having your teeth cleaned can be.

    thumb Ann Holmes

    review rating 5  Wonderful Dentistry practice. Not only highly skilled professionally, but genuinely concerned about their patients. Best dental experiences I’ve ever had in my long and often dentally challenged life. Nobody likes going to the dentist, but if you have to see one, go with the best.

    thumb Charles Carson

    review rating 5  This is a great place to go for dental care. I've been in twice now, once for cleaning and the usual and then again for some minor work done. Both times I was treated very well by every staff member that I interacted with. Dr. Horkan and Sundee were both gentle and attentive. The facility is also well kept and pleasant. Just like all the other reviewers, I highly recommend this office to anyone looking for a new dentist!

    thumb Sylva Hamilton

    review rating 5  Courteous, professional and thorough. Very skilled!

    thumb Kevin Davis

    review rating 5  Both my husband and I have been using this dental office for years now and Dr. Horkan, Shara, and the whole staff are wonderful. Very nice to deal with and the dental work they perform is the best in town .

    thumb Patti Bacon